Jamie Oliver's Cooking School
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Last summer Helena and I were totally overcome with excited having been invited to Jamie Oliver's Cooking School in London. The incentive from Jamie was for a child to bring an adult, to work together and spend quality time preparing delicious food. It was a perfect invitation and one we were so excited to attend. And so we embarked on the Unbeatable Filled Pasta course.......

It was a full class and the kids were buzzing with anticipation! I was so happy to be by the side of Helena and to be her sous chef! 

Each station was set up so we had to work together. We listened to the chef give instructions at various stages then had to give it a go ourselves. I have to say it was full on and nothing was written down so you had to listen intently. Helena did so well keeping up with the instructor (much better then I did). She did tell me off a couple of times! It was fast paced but such fun.

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Having made our pasta dough, we then worked on pressing it through the pasta machine. We have one of these machines at home but never seem to use it. We both were really into it and decided we must make more fresh pasta when we get home. Next up we made the filling; spinach and ricotta and filled our ravioli parcels. We were also shown how to make pasta bows, all very theraputic.

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Once cooked we plated up the ravioli and the chef came around each table supporting us with lashings of parmesan and praising each child! 

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Helena came out super confident and we both had full bellies. It was such a great day out together. Jamie your enthusiasm in the kitchen is totally infectious. Thanks for inspiring us both!

Vanessa x