The Silver Spoon for Children by Amanda Grant

I am always on the look out for great cookbooks for my girls and I must admit I am super fussy with my search. But recently I picked up a copy of The Silver Spoon for Children written by Amanda Grant, which is an adaption of The Silver Spoon cookbook specifically for the younger cook. Filled with 40 delicious wholesome and quick and easy Italian recipes for children to follow, cook and eat.

One of the first recipes the girls chose to cook from this new book of ours was the pizza. Now we regularly visit local food markets at the weekend. So on this particular weekend I gave the girls the task to see if they could find as much ingredients as possible from local purveyors. One stall particularly caught our attention which was selling this divine spelt flour so Florence immediately said that would be perfect for the pizza! And so the rest of the ingredients simply fell into place; the tomatoes and a portobella mushroom from the vegetable man, a carved piece of ham from the butcher and the basil from our garden of which Florence grew herself! Only the mozzarella was imported but we did buy from the local cheese lady so I gave the girls the full credit! We didn't overload our pizza with loads more toppings because I think when the ingredients is so tasty, then good food should be kept simple. 

The girls were pretty much independent in making the pizza dough. The Silver Spoon for Children has impressively simple sets of instructions. Together with the written steps, illustrator Harriet Russell, has produced a set of exquisitely drawn illustrations to accompany the writing so Florence was really confident in working through this recipe. Together with Helena, they really really enjoyed making dinner! I think you'll agree they looked delicious and I can confidently say they tasted as good as they looked! 

For anyone who doesn't know of Amanda Grant, she is a specialist in the field of children's cooking and nutrition and is ultimately one of my favourite followers on Instagram as she is the guru of children's cooking! Her recipes are genius and so easy for children to follow. She makes cooking with children an utter joy. Her ability in getting children to feel so good about themselves achieving delicious creations is an achievement. I really look forward to using The Silver Spoon for Children more in our kitchen - I know the girls are too!

Vanessa x