Milly's Kidchup

We have a love-hate relationship with tomato ketchup in our family. My girls obviously love it dolloped on pretty much everything and because I know how much sugar is inside a regular supermarket jar there's always a 'discussion' developing at the table that I won't allow second servings of it. But thanks to the joys of IG, I connected with Milly who it seems had the same issues with the supermarket ketchup that I do and so sprung into action and developed a guilt free ketchup for children (and their parents) and named it perfectly Milly's Kidchup.

Now I can honestly say Milly's Kidchup had some tough competition in our household as I'm not keen on ketchup. So I decided one weekend we'd have a long lazy breakfast together and make the morning's family conversation totally evolve around ketchup! I poached the eggs while the girls nipped on their bikes with my husband to get a bag of freshly baked buns from the bakery and while the coffee was poured we all tucked into our egg buns and smothered it in Milly's kidchup. There was total and utter silence and I can honestly say Milly's Kidchup is amazing! 

I love how Milly also has loads of yummy recipes on her blog using her Kidchup and so on the menu (again) we're having the Sticky Chicken with Kidchup which we all love with noodles and grated carrot. 

Milly has worked so hard in developing her own recipe to only contain 5g per 100g bottle which compared to the market leader is 22.8g per 100g!! It's incredible and so so tasty. What makes it even better is that each batch is carefully made by Milly herself. I am a total convert to ketchup now but only if it's Milly's Kidchup

Vanessa x