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We all have chocolate on our mind after this delicious and super fun weekend of collecting Easter eggs and because a favourite book of mine is Chocolat by Joanne Harris our April playlist is inspired by the French music we love listening to. Set in the village of Lansquenet the story of Chocolat evolves around the dreamy chocolate boutique owned by Vianne Rocher. It's a mouth-watering, thought provoking book which is perfectly read once you've made some of our delicious  mendiants

Minor Swing - 

Wonderful - Django Reinhardt 

Stiff Jazz - Pascap Parisot

Paper Aeroplanes - Dzihan & Kamien

Di doo dah - Angus, Julia Stone

Walk on the Wild Side - Jane Birken

Je te vois partout - Paris Combo

Memories - Waldeck

Little French Song - Carla Bruni

The ballad of Sacco and Vansetti - Stephane Pompougnac



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