Gingerbread Biscuit Dolls with Clever Gretal

I first discovered Clever Gretal and their unique gingerbread gifts at The ShopUp in London when they were offering sweet workshops for children and their parents to make up the Wild & Gorgeous gingerbread kits. I was so smitten by the whole concept I picked up a box each for the girls. I knew it would be a lovely activity to do on Christmas Day.

The Wild & Gorgeous kit comes with two paper doll shaped biscuits, a selection of outfits which are cleverly printed on edible icing paper, a tube of royal icing, decorative edible background paper and lovely little sugar decorations to set the scene in a clear box. The ribbon and paper tag make it a unique gift to give to someone or simply personalise the doll and keep them for yourself. 

The girls absolutely loved dressing their little dolls. It is such a lovely idea and seeing them on a very warm Christmas Day sharing their gingerbread dolls by the poolside with their newly found friends on holiday in Cape Town made the gift even more special!

The girls made up the Autumn/Winter collection of the dolls and now there is a lovely Spring/Summer collection which I think would be a lovely gift for the Easter holidays. Aren't they so sweet? I'm loving the rainbows and pinstripes! 

And if you're in need for a unique idea to add to a gift, I love these biscuit tags. I think they'd be perfect for Mother's Day (hint hint girls)! 

Clever Gretal's online boutique is filled with delights making gingerbread a unique gift all year round.

Vanessa x