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Welcome to Wild Flours, a blog about cooking with children. I am Vanessa and I'm the mama to two girls, Helena and Florence. I'm an early years teacher, married to my Dutch husband and together we live in Scotland. 

I come from a family who love and respect food so it was always important to me that my children would view food in the same way. From a very young age we have involved the children as much as possible in the growing and discovering of food. They help choose a recipe for dinner, they love to help prepare it and we always sit together to eat it. It is from this that Wild Flours has been created. 

From Africa, to America and back to Europe a few times our love of travelling has allowed us to discover some incredible places and different kinds of food and so the girls have learnt about ingredients from home and away. All of experiences we've picked up along the way go into what we eat. 

Cooking good food is making memories for us and we want to share those with you. 

Vanessa, Helena and Florence x

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